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Welcome to! 

We are proud to provide you with organic, safe & savory food products for your Herbivorous Pets. We are a Vegetarian family owned business that specializes in ethical reptile products that inspire, encourage and enrich every meal you serve.

Keep them coming back for more...with SuperHerbivore!

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SuperHerbivore collection set

SuperHerbivore is the parent company for brands: SuperUro, SuperBeardie, SuperChuckwalla, SuperTortoise, SuperIguana &

All SuperHerbivore products are made from 100% organic dried edible flowers. Suitable for all types of Herbivorous Reptiles, Rodents and Mammals.

No mixes! Just raw, all-natural flowers ready to rehydrate and fully-flavor your pet's staple foods.

SuperUro is a brand of food products for Uromastyx that features mixtures of flowers paired with Dandelion leaf.

Since 2020, we are still the first and only company making products exclusively for Uromastyx.

Uro's are, by far, our greatest passion. But  we not only love making products for Uro's....We also breed them too!  Detailed care guides, Tons of pictures, videos and Uro collectables. 

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SuperBeardie is a new brand of herbivorous food products for Bearded dragons that features mixes of flowers paired with Alfalfa leaf.

Beardies may quite possibly be the best pet reptile available...Not only are they Hardy, sociable and generally easy to care for....they also love to eat! 

Transitioning them over to an omnivore/ Herbivore diet is not always easy to do...But its a lot easier with SuperBeardie brand products. Help them make the switch today!


SuperChuckwalla is a new brand of herbivorous food products for Chuckwalla's that features mixes of flowers paired with Spineless Cactus.

"Chuck's" are easily one of the most recognizable desert reptiles in America and are slowly becoming more and more popular with reptile enthusiast's and keepers.

Cactus is easily one of the most recognizable plant life in those deserts...and also a favorite snack for the American Chuckwalla. Chuckwalla have long been known to feed on baby Cactus pads and Cactus fruit. Check out all of our Cactus flavored Chuckwalla products above. 


SuperTortoise is a new brand of herbivorous food products for All tortoises that features mixes of flowers paired with either (1.) Plantain leaf..(2.) Orchard grasses....or (3.)Both

Options for Mediterranean, Grazers or tropical Tortoise's.

If you own a tortoise, or 5, you already know....they EAT a lot! SuperTortoise is the perfect way to change up the flavor and add variety to every massive meal.

Adobe_Express_20221115_1438220_1.png specializes in highly detailed, realistic foam rock products for reptile terrariums and enclosures. In 2020, along with, launched and sold out almost immediately. Since then we have expanded into well over 100 different product variations with 10 color options. Hides, Caves or Burrows, Backgrounds, feeding rocks and other functional decorations. 


The feeding branch

The Feeding branch debuted in 2020 and has since made a HUGE impact on the ways Herbivorous reptiles are fed worldwide.

We are the very first Leaf suspension tool designed to replicate the natural appearance, movement and experience of eating live plants. 10 out of 10 Uromastyx agree! See what all the fuss is about.









& much more

While you are at it....stop by our Brand merch shop and check out our Shirts, Hoodies, Hats, Bags and other ridiculous items you never knew you wanted.


Please take the time to check out our Youtube channel. It is loaded weekly full of fun and entertaining videos about our Uromastyx, reptile Food and the making of products.

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